Idea of Şişli High School project is that to form sheltered outdoor space in rather sloped terrain and It is inside of high density city texture.
In the steep slope of the land, for arriving most proper residential format, In the opposite direction to the slope, the placement which doest rise according to surrounding buildings is preferred. by plane sloping land in different levels, it gives users chance to use different spaces. The building which has the large comprehensive program in a small land provides program distribution by layering for conveniently campus. Education block is top layer and the underground layer is formed with technical and service units. Continual "gap" which has common activities between these two layers and the social place is created. Also, in this case, answers contradiction to integrate with the surrounding spaces of social spaces and a sheltered space seeking.

The situation of conspicuous space which is broken and desultory in the present condition of the building was providing crowded, unproductive outdoor use. Review of relationship with areas which have intense urban use in the close environment of site and demand of creating sheltered open areas which are needed for school function is thought organizing structure such an inward courtyard. While this spatial fiction provides sheltered, quiet and safe courtyard, controlled contact with the city is aimed with common and public functions which are located on the ground floor. 
While exterior closure saves from crowded city density, transparency of courtyard facade provides the continuous visual connection between spaces and outdoor. This determination reflects active life in the stepwise rising courtyard to inner space.

The project shows that school is not also services for students, but also it provides proper ambiance for social development as well as users it aims cultural target for users and its environment. This project also creates an opportunity for common to courses and activities that can provide services out of school hours to be made in the closed, semi-closed and open area.
Year: 2011

Location: İstanbul, Türkiye

Client: Şişli Municipality

Programme: Education

Total Area: 20.000 m²

Status: National Competition, Purchase Award

Project Team: Fatih Yavuz, Emre Şavural, Hasan Okan Çetin, Olsi Kafeja, Gökçe Ersel, Öznur Yıldız, Cenk Erkoçoğlu Consultants: Selim İtez (Civil Eng.), Orhan Murat Gürson (Mech. Eng.), Birkan Yüksek (El. Eng.)in collaboration with SMAG
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