İzmir citizens are as different as İzmir’s gulf,sea, beaches and its climate. Open public spaces, squares, streets, even mussel seller are known and missed by people who don’t live in this city,too.

Kordon has worldwide fame, for example. İzmir citizens love watching sunset here. Also, they can spend their time with a pack of sunflower seed until the evening in Kordon.

Konak square and Kemeraltı touches one place of everyone’s life, living in this city. Taste of black mulberry sherbet may still linger.

In İzmir, walking far away is not regarded as strange to walk Karşıyaka Bazaar in İzmir. Both the beginning and the end offers new alternatives; in brief, you feel good even if you’re back to the Gulf.

When you start walking in İzmir, aliveness follows you; or we follow the crowd but always find ourselves inside life. Maybe, feeling the breeze makes us happy.

In coast road, everybody deals with something; some runs, some waits fish with rod while others cycling by smelling the sea.

In summer, socialization in open spaces is a culture for İzmir citizens. They like such a life at peace of their city, they want to get out; they can’t stand in closed spaces, they get angry suddenly.

In principle, the interface of the diagonally divided area forms a two-story mass located on the North-East South-West axis. This mass also provides for the creation of private and public courtyard. This unit which can be defined as the interface of the courtyards constitutes the modern face of social life in Trade Courtyard and Private Courtyard is the modern face of green common area with garden houses.

We can describe the starting point of the design as the optimum meeting of the physical parameters and the social life culture. It was impossible to imagine a social life trapped in closed spaces in the light of these entrepreneurs. The open spaces to be designed must be defined, scaled, but most importantly should be able to embrace the city. The courtyards created for private and public life are the focus point of design process.  The blocks define the courtyard that is SPECIAL for housing, PUBLIC for social life and receive a share of the wealth life that is offered.

Garden duplexes, social center façade and few commercial unit define edge of court. There is a pool coming from inside of social center going to outside which is partially, in the middle of the court that is designed green generally. It is thought as a social kit that all users can access easily with sunbath areas around it.

Only link of the court is controlled, it means that residents and their children has a court that they can play in safe. Possible exterior link of Social Center is thought as the point from the continuation of 284.street. In this way, residents won’t be distorted too much and security point won’t be occupied extremely when providing entrance and exit.

Transitive office block and houses is gained by wrapping one mass on south and east edges. By this way, they are placed on noiseless edges and also such life that is close to the park is planned.

More sunlight is aimed to take to the court with the decision that is split of housing and transitive housing blocks when rising and division into 4 pieces. Also, flexible usage and transition scenarios are taken into consideration when lighting of mass is aimed.

Two masses near Ankara Road and 296.street are designed as transitive blocks. When they  are using for housing, they will be a part of the court without detaching from the life of the court with the help of the vertical cores; while they are office, closeness to the road is thought as an advantage. Thus, there will be no direct visual contact with the court and if needed only cores near the road will work for transportation. As a result, private life in the court won’t be distorted in no sense. In brief, housing is designed as they can always take the entrances from the court and transitive blocks may take the entrances from outside of the court, too.
Location: İzmir
Employer : Folkart Yapı Sanayi Tic. A.Ş.
Program: Mixed Use (Office, Residential, Education, Commercial)
Type: Invited Competition (1st Prize)
Construction Area : 115.000 m²
Project Team: SCRA | FREA - Seden Cinasal, Ramazan Avcı, Emre Şavural, Fatih Yavuz, Özge Diler Himes, Yücel Hüseyin Sala, Tuna Bozankaya, Baran Ekinci, İbrahim Yavuz
Çözüm Ortakları: NEV Mimarlık (Cephe Tasarım ve Danışmanlığı), Ülker Mühendislik (Statik Proje), GMD Proje (Mekanik Proje), Onmuş Elektrik (Elektrik Projesi), DS Mimarlık (Peyzaj Projesi), Avis Grafik (Mimari Görselleştirme), Atölye 77 (Maket)

İzmir citizens are as different as İzmir’s gulf,sea, beaches and its climate. Open public spaces, squares, streets, even mussel seller are known and missed by people who don’t live in this city,too., Mimarlık, Tasarım, Mühendislik, Kentsel Tasarım, Fatih Yavuz, Emre Şavural