2015-10-20 12:06:55
Humanity and every type of human activity –cultural, social, economic, political...- co-exists on the account of a continuous struggle which can be named as 'existence'. We all try to enhance ourselves by utilizing different tools and by dealing with different variables all linked with a bounding factor called 'time'. Although it is not chosen by individuals we are all born with some preset traits such as gender, nationality, religion, social cultural and economic legacy, as a result of the position of our family in the society. Through the process of realization, these preset traits can either be altered, in other words as one's consciousness grows those traits are questioned and disregarded, or can be kept as a higher motivation for the acceptance the of inevitable.

In that regard, practice of architecture is a powerful tool for such problematic, and the realm of architecture framed by all the possible ways of expression makes this process more visible and more comprehensible as it consists of an articulation of time and matter, time and idea all surrounded by social economic, cultural and political “facts”. 

'Despite' is an attempt to produce a section of this process through the practice of architecture composed by 8 different creative offices. Entitled by the word despite, this exhibition points out possible readings of intellectual struggle regarding different positions either preset or altered by each creative architect and tries to figure out the realization of one’s self by focusing on the architectural production. The composition of the participants provides a fruitful gathering in the sense of what we try to realize here, as the utilization of architectural practice differs in each case. All can be concluded with the 'despite' of each project and their relation with the dominant architectural paradigm of our era.

Hopefully the exhibition will render itself through the process of the event with the participation of the observers side by side with the participants. In this second exhibition after the “contemporary” which was held a few years back now more in-depth discussions on theory and criticism of architecture will be possible.

I would like to sincerely thank Mr. Giuseppe Oliverio and Prof. Marcello Scalzo for their helpful and altruistic efforts and to the municipality of q4 for their hospitality. Special thanks to Turkish embassy in Rome for their support and the interest they showed in our exhibition. Finally I would like to thank all our sponsors for their encouragement and efforts to make this organization possible. 

Take a look at representment.

FREA | Haberler | DESPITE / RAĞMEN, “Time passes before my eyes as we grow and grow old A river carries away endlessly... flows and flows more”, Mimarlık, Tasarım, Mühendislik, Kentsel Tasarım, Fatih Yavuz, Emre Şavural