The design aims to offer an experience different than accustomed ones. Rather than a luxury and comfort, new accommodation units and social infrastructures offer an experience mechanism that let the users fell the spirit of the site. 

*Living in or among trees, relating to trees; treelike

The relationship between the natural texture and poetic landscape of the site, and the proposed structures is main determinant in design process. Therefore, interfering minimum number of trees and if possible locating the site without cutting any trees, and seek of a structural language accordingly are main approach to the site. In addition, another priority about the site is protecting the natural surface of the land.
The main input of design of the accommodation units is their relationship with the existing forest texture. The problem of structural configuration in such a dense tree texture requires a new way of solution different from accustomed ones. On the other hand, even though it is problematic situation, it is a fact that it also contains a lot of opportunities with itself.
The main principle for accommodation units is by holding on to the trees, releasing the topography free. The units become under protection from external factor such as snow and rain by elevating up them from the ground. Therefore, units are suitable for the environment by considering the geographical effects. As a result of the analysis of the existing trees, their radius, and the distance between them, proper places to locate are determined. According to this analysis, the trees which have radius smaller than 30 cm is not chosen for holding on since it would be create unstable situation in terms of structure. Between two trees a platform had been created. On top of the platform, the principle of the assembling of the architectural elements had been standardized and structural shelter had been created. Moreover, exterior usage of the space had been proposed by designing a common area in between at least 3 accommodation units. Therefore, open-air spaces had been described so that the groups who are willing to experience the site would keep attached to the poetic environment.
A unit with 30 m2 ground floor area with maximum efficiency in terms of functionality had been proposed. In addition, minimizing the accommodation units is decrease the cost of management. Since the main goal of the project is do not lead to destruction on the site, minimizing the footprint have meaning in that sense. So, the program of the units handle in three main era: living, sleeping and service.
The lower level with furniture which have potential to change the space from living area to sleeping area, is also considered as a level where all the services spaces are located. On the upper part only sleeping activity had been arranged. This differentiation in the section is not only minimize the footprint, but also it defines a new relationship the trees.

The main principle of generating space and the structural section of the accommodation units had been chosen for awareness center too. This choice is important in the manner of ease the construction and assembly. As a result of its function which is information center where people who visit the wold came and get the necessary information about the geography climate and wildlife nearby, it is located near to the main road. 




Restaurant is located relatively away from the accommodation units. As a result of its location, it is expected to have strong relationship with pedestrian path. The structure which is basically composed of 3 platforms,
Year: 2018

Location: Zonguldak,Türkiye

Employer: Zonguldak Municipality

Program: Rehabilitation Center, Accommodation, Restaurant

Construction Area: 2000 m²

Statute: Idea

Project Team: Emre Şavural, Fatih Yavuz, Hasan Hüseyin Özdurmuş, Kubilay Şahinler, Meryem Merve Topdaş, İbrahim Yavuz, Sema Çağlayan, Melih Tokaç

Consultants: Zafer Kınacı, Bahri Türkmen, Kemal Ovacık, Ivabox
FREA | Projects | ARBOREAL* / ZONGULDAK BÖLÜKLÜ HIGHLAND - REHABILITION CENTER, FREA, Fatih Yavuz ve Emre Şavural tarafından 2013 yılında Ankara'da kuruldu. FREA, 2003-2013 yılları arasındaki onbir41 deneyiminden sonra taze fikirler arayışına yoğunlaşmış bir tasarım ofisi olmayı hedefler. Genç ve yenilikçi bir mimarlık ve kentsel tasarım ofisi olarak her yeni probleme taze fikirler ve yaratıcı çözümler üretmeyi amaçlar., Mimarlık, Tasarım, Mühendislik, Kentsel Tasarım, Fatih Yavuz, Emre Şavural