"I belong to everyone and I don't belong to anyone, I was here before you came, I will be here after you leave" Homeros


I am the goat's best friend, Olive.

We do not want borders to be put between us and him.

This is a forest and we are very happy to be living in this forest.

There are no boundaries here, there is no limit.

But there are some rules here that you have to follow.

If you want to live with us, you will not come between us and the goat and you will not build walls.

If you do, both we and our other friends will be unhappy.

How will you deal with the grass that will cover me if the goat is offended?

Believe me, you will be much more tired then.

When I was a crazy olive, they instilled me from my head, don't worry goats cannot reach my branches.

First of all, you have to say goodbye to machines, poisons, chemical fertilizers.

You don't even need to water me, you know, rains are enough for me.

The producers living here will tell you all they know, don't worry.

You can live here as we have been for thousands of years.

Don't you want to join us?
While taking the building decisions, a comprehensive analysis of the region in general and the borders allowed for housing were made. The continuation of the flora and fauna on the ground without being damaged was considered as an important design parameter. In addition, settlement decisions were made by taking into account criteria such as the existing topography, insolation angles and amounts, and the prevailing wind direction. In addition, while making settlement decisions, the existing texture, wildlife and values ​​of the area were taken into consideration and an approach that would not interfere with the current life cycle and flow was adopted whenever possible. As a result of the determinations made in the field and the examination of the documents given, two visible trails of goat or domestic herbivores were found in the area where the buildings will be settled. The settlement decisions were made with the awareness of the paths and it was aimed to reveal the intersection and mutual interaction with the proposal programs.
Being in an olive forest and trying to be a part of the ongoing natural life in that area was perhaps the most difficult starting point of the design. In this context, we started with the reflex to protect all the existing features of the area. We aim to bring together the production methods and science that are traditionally passed down from generation to generation. We know that both sides have a lot to learn from each other. There is a place for bees in this story, as well as for the scented plants of the region. We follow human beings not to dominate nature as they wish, but to live and produce by being aware that they are a part of nature that has been passed down for generations. Our dream here is to live a common life culture and to make architecture a part of it.
Year: 2020
Location: İzmir, Türkiye
Employer: İzmir Büyükşehir Belediyesi
Program: Urban Design
Statute: 3rd Prize
Project Team:  Fatih Yavuz, Emre Şavural, Murat Memlük, Ebru Dehmen, Sevgi Çalı, Ece Metin, Kıvanç Tunçkale, Mehmet Nazım Özer, Emrah Söylemez, Hasan Hüzeyin Özdurmuş, Sema Çağlayan, Alperen Pehlivan, Adır Rumet Birtane, Okan Mutlu Akpınar, Hüseyin Kezer, Gülsüm Katmer

Consultants: Mümin Yavuz, Hazal Tonguç, Mert Ayaroğlu, Emel Rona, Hami Çetin, Başak Uçar Kırmızıgül
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